Seasonal Eating

What is Seasonal Eating?

Seasonal eating means choosing food that is grown and harvested at its peak, according to a certain season, which is the natural rhythm of nature.
Seasonal eating can also refer to how food is prepared. In warmer months we may lean to raw and lightly cooked food, while in cooler months we may lean to long and slow-cooked foods.

Why is this important?

Produce that isn’t in season is picked before it’s ripe. When this happens, nutrients don’t get their full chance to develop. Nature provides us what we need when we need it.
The Urban Homestead is committed to staying local and getting back to the basics of how we eat, shop, and live. Part of partnering with local produce growers is eating seasonally and centering our products around what is growing during the current time of year.

Let’s see what’s growing today!

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